Sunday, 17 January 2010

A couple of exciting days!

Well, the last few days have been exciting! On Friday, me and Esther decided to go all the way across London to have lunch at IKEA, which was so worth the waiting for buses and trains. Discovered that I love the dime bar cake there :D And we have now picked out the furniture for our future houses. 

We got back to central London just in time for the Legally Blonde ticket lottery...which we didn't win.      
We decided to go and see if sister act had any tickets left, but things weren't looking hopeful as it was about 7.00. Turns out that we got the best seats for £25! 6 rows from the front! The show was sooooo good! Definitely would recommend it to everyone. 

On Saturday, me and Rachel went dancing at Pineapple. I'd forgotten how unfit I am until about 15 minutes in where I feel like I'm about to pass out. It was a good lesson though and I managed to get all of the choreography learnt. We went to M&S after the lesson to get some food in for the weekend and then got the tube home.

When we got back to the flat all the lights in the corridor were really dim and only one of the lifts was working. Turns out that the electric has gone and there is no heating, internet, hot water or anything! (bearing in mind I had just been to an intense dance lesson so I was lovely and gross) I was completely lost for things to do as my whole life depends on technology to work. So I went to sleep for a couple of hours. 

When I woke up it was dark. And my phone was somewhere in the room where I had put it down while it was still light. After searching for my phone for a while I sat down and listened to my Ipod for about 30 seconds before deciding that the best thing to do in the situation was to go to mcdonalds. 

Rachel and I walked all the way to the Mcdonalds in Brentford for dinner as the ovens are electric, so we couldn't cook at home. We spent two hours there wishing we had our laptops with us so we could use the free wi-fi. While we were talking we came to the conclusion that power cuts are no longer fun because we are grown ups. Instead of lighting candles and telling scary stories, we are in mcdonalds worrying that the posh M&S food we got earlier is going to go off and be a waste of a tenner.

We got home to be told that the electric isn't going to be coming on again any time soon, so we have to move into another block of flats for a while, where I am now. We had to take all the essentials: duvet, pillow, sheets, tea making equipment, laptop, hair stuff and makeup. Somehow we forgot to bring clean clothes so I'm going to have to walk across to my flat in my pj's.