Thursday, 21 January 2010

Yesterday me and Rachel went to see NINE in shepherds bush. I was very dissapointed after all the raves I had heard about it. I found it rather boring apart from one part near the end when my heart decided to go crazy in my chest. So my review of nine is 'Don't go and see it. It will give you a heart attack it's so boring.' or something along those lines.

So I have to go to the doctors on tuesday to make sure that my heart is working properly. I bet they'll want to give me a blood test which seems to be their cure for everything. Not looking forward to that.

We had our practice assesment for acting this morning, which went okay, I think. It was all improvised but I have learnt that I can't rely on what is in my head coming out of my mouth cohesively. 

That's all, short entry because I have work to do. Oh the joy.