Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Its a sad, sad thing that so far the highlight of my day was walking down to Morrisons to go food shopping. And an even sadder thing is that I was actually looking forward to it. And thank goodness for whoever invented backpacks! Why do all of my shopping trips always end up with me buying far too many heavy things without thinking of the walk home.

Going to church in a while to go to my cell group. I'm looking forward to seeing them all again. Once a week is not nearly enough. I estimate that in about an hour my flat mate will come knocking on my door begging me not to go tonight so that I can hang out with some people from my class as the boy who is desperately in love with her is coming too. I will politely decline as I think that four other people for moral support is quite enough.

Another thing, does anyone know where the snow has gone? I was expecting the world to look like the Arctic this morning, but it was just the usual smoggy London landscape.